with award-winning harpist Stephanie Bennett
are now available in two flavors:
1. in person in Northridge, California
(in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles)
2. by SKYPE (online video-call), anywhere in the world!

VIDEOS: meet Stephanie Bennett

VIDEO: meet harp teacher Stephanie Bennett VIDEO:
demo of several styles of music on harp
Playing the harp in your spare time makes an enjoyable, satisfying, challenging - yet relaxing - hobby for adults and children.
Intermediate and advanced harpists, learn skills for popular music and jazz.

Stephanie Bennett has been a professional harpist and harp teacher for over 30 years.  (View Stephanie Bennett's bio.) All lessons are with Stephanie personally, not with substitute or assistant teachers. 

Learn to play Celtic, classical, folk, popular music, and/or jazz
Lever Harp or Pedal Harp.

LEVER HARP lessons

harp lessons, pedal harp

Lever Harp Pedal Harp
Finding your own creativity is emphasized. No previous musical experience is necessary. Complete beginners are welcome, as are intermediate and advanced harpists.
student recital 07
Above: '07 student recital: kids, teens and adults, guys and gals, enjoy learning harp as a hobby. I have taught ages from 4 to 70+.
student ensemble
Above: Stephanie conducts adult student harp ensemble in a holiday concert at an assisted living, December 2011.  You may apply to join the harp ensemble here.

For students who would like to participate in annual evaluations to recognize their progress, I am a member of MTAC (Music Teachers' Assoc. of California) and can enter my interested students into the highly regarded Certificate of Merit ("CM") program. (Students must be registered by the Fall, for the following Spring's evaluations.)

I enjoy helping students learn the music they want to learn.  I often create custom arrangements for my students, of songs for which no harp arrangement is yet available.  My various students have learned songs by Bach, Beethoven, Stevie Wonder, Joanna Newsom, the Beatles, hymns, contemporary praise songs, Disney songs, popular 'standards', folk music, Celtic music, international folk songs, and created their own compositions.  (I teach all styles for beginners and intermediates; I guide advanced and professional harpists in popular, jazz, improvisation, composing and arranging skills.)

Of course, no matter what style of music you want to play, it is vital to spend time training in good technique (hand and arm motions, posture, etc.) to be able to play as beautifully and effortlessly as possible.

Helpful to musicians of all styles (and essential to those who want to play by ear, play from lead sheets, improvise, or do their own arrangements), are the fascinating subjects of music theory and ear-training skills.  (I love that stuff. And I think you will too - it opens up whole new worlds.)

If you don't know how to read music yet, you can learn this right along with your harp studies. (Depending on what type of music you're interested in, reading music might or might not be absolutely necessary. See FAQ page.)
harp student with cat My cat loves listening to my students play... in-person lessons in the Northridge studio may not be ideal for you if you are deathly allergic.  
If you study by Skype (online video-call), though, it shouldn't be an issue!

April 2012, a student comments:
"I've been taking lessons from Stephanie for over 5 years and she is an AMAZING teacher! If you have ever wanted to play the harp you can't find a better teacher than Stephanie. She's very patient, encouraging, and inspiring. Every time I leave a lesson I feel like I can play anything! She is extremely knowledgeable and not only does she teach harp technique but music theory as well. She has a vast repertoire of music and can teach any style of music you desire, and she has great kitty cats!" 
- Denise Simmons

A weekly 55-minute lesson is recommended; but you may also take a lesson once every two weeks if that fits better into your schedule or budget.

Private lessons on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays are $70 per 55-minute lesson.
(Limited availability for lessons on weekends, likely to be interrupted by Stephanie's performance commitments; Monday, Wednesday, or Friday is preferable.) 
For very young children with a shorter attention span, or those on a tighter budget,
$60 per 45 minute lesson,
$45 per 30 minute lesson.
Pay for your harp lesson online.

Contact us to find out what time slots are currently available, and tell us about yourself. What are YOUR musical goals?

Harp lesson FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

View Stephanie Bennett's bio.

("But I don't have a harp yet"...
see Harpworld's Harp Rental Page.)

Your harp society can sponsor Stephanie Bennett to give a workshop in your area. List of Workshops

If you can't get to Northridge California, you can take private lessons by Skype (online video-call).
Click here for MY page telling you more about using SKYPE.

Click here for SKYPE's website.

(see also: harp ensemble)

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