On Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2010, I was honored to be 1/3 of the acoustic version of hit Brit band FLORENCE + THE MACHINE in their appearances on the TV shows DANCING WITH THE STARS and ELLEN.
I was asked to fill in by Flo's terrific regular harpist, Tom "Moth" Monger, who was busy getting married that weekend! Best wishes, Tom & Connie!

(Right: Stephanie Bennett and Florence Welch outside CBS studios, Hollywood)
Stephanie and Flo

This link to a Youtube clip of the performance might or might not work... sometimes things change on Youtube...

Here I am on the DWTS stage with Flo and her guitarist, Rob Ackroyd (and the DWTS dancers).

harpist Stephanie Bennett on dancing with the stars with Florence + the Machine

Want to hear something funny? Some harp teachers teach that "you should never wear fingernail polish when playing the harp, because it's DISTRACTING to the audience and to yourself."   I'm sure that during this scene, people were writing in to the show, saying "I couldn't concentrate on the music - that harp player's fingernail polish was SO DISTRACTING!!" (Um... NOT!!!)

flo      flo


And then on Friday, 10/15/10, we appeared on the ELLEN DEGENERES show...

Flo ellen harp

This Youtube link may or may not work:

Florence ellen harp

harpist with Florence and the Machine, Ellen Degeneres show, Friday Oct. 15

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