A fantasy novel without words;

twelve stream-of-consciousness 'chapters'
flow seamlessly into one another,
for an uninterrupted 60 minutes
of otherworldly solo harp music.

May this music, or the dream of it,
accompany you on many flights of fancy.
May it calm the whirling winds of your world,
inflame the fires of your imagination,
and underscore your journeys to other realms.
        - Stephanie Bennett, 2009(Scroll past the Music Player for more info.)

Chapter 1. Through the Door of Crimson Leaves
Chapter 2. What the River Sings to the Road
Chapter 3. The Mare Bedecked with Silver Bells
Chapter 4. The Changeling's Wood
Chapter 5. Eaglets Dance O'er the Sea-Swept Cliff
Chapter 6. The Cinnamon-Scented Shadow
Chapter 7. Meeting the Fay
Chapter 8. The Dew-Spangled Web
Chapter 9. The Mystic's Moss-Covered Cottage
Chapter 10. A Carpet of Bramble and Stars
Chapter 11. The Fireflies Wake One By One
Chapter 12. Returning At Last to the Fragrant Hearth

Unlike any harp recording you've heard before, this music floats like a dream from one fantastic realm to another; redolent at times of Middle Eastern mystery, at other times of Impressionistic clouds, at other times of mischievous fay. Never predictable, always surprising; at once inspiring and soothing. Perfect for massage, meditation, yoga, creativity, relaxation, or letting your imagination soar.

Stephanie Bennett comes by this surprising eclecticism naturally, having lived in India for a year and in Japan for several months; having concertized in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Costa Rica, Argentina, Switzerland, France, Chile, Ecuador and Guatemala; having toured with artists as diverse as Persian star Dariush and Mexican stars Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez; having opened concerts for Chick Corea, and having recorded with artists as diverse as Sir Paul McCartney, Linda Ronstadt, Miyuki Nakajima, many Celtic artists and Windham Hill artists.

Listener comments:
"The cover is gorgeous, the music is absolutely enchanting... Congratulations on another work of art!!!!" - Joanie, New Zealand
"Loved your new CD - gorgeous music!" - Ferris Gluck, Los Angeles

back cover inside left inside Right
back cover inside Left cover inside Right cover

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Please note: iTunes offers it as a full album or as individual tracks, but please DON'T buy individual tracks;
The 'Chapters' (12 cuts) are NOT really separate 'songs' as they do NOT have beginnings and endings, so they do NOT feel happy or sound their best if shuffled (between other songs).

Music and master recording, copyright 2009, Harpworld Music Co., all rights reserved.
You may have and share the MP3 for your listening pleasure,
but permission is required to use it in any other way (such as sampling, background music on a website,
in conjunction with a motion picture, re-release as audio, etc.)
Ditto you also need permission to re-use any of these pictures.
Thanks in advance for respecting the rights of the creators of these works.

Horseback photo (with the Fairytale Horses of Toadstool Farm) by Sherron Sheppard,
www.sheppardphotography.com, copyright 2006, used by kind permission.

Other photos (and photo collages) by Stephanie Bennett, copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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