Avalon: Celtic Music for Relaxation

is now available from At Peace Media.
AVALON features Stephanie Bennett on Celtic harps (both nylon-strung and wire-strung) and concert grand pedal harp,with additional musicians playing Uilleann pipes (Irish bagpipes), cello, tin whistles, recorders and silver flutes.

AVALON is a collection of Stephanie's enchanting arrangements of traditional Irish, Scots and Welsh melodies, as well as two new compositions which Stephanie created during her visits to Ireland. All the music is slow and meditative; ideal for massage, yoga, meditation, or relaxation.

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Selections on AVALON:

1. the Boatman (Scots traditional)

2. Gartan Mother's Lullaby (Irish traditional)

3. The Mossy Bower (by Stephanie Bennett)

4. The Honorable Thomas Burke, Third Son of the Ninth Earl of Clanricard (by Turlough O'Carolan)

5. Bonny Portmore (Irish traditional)

6. For Freedom and for Erin (Irish traditional)

7. Suo Gan (Welsh Lullaby) (Welsh traditional)

8. The Ancient Fortress (by Stephanie Bennett)

9. My Lagan Love (Irish Traditional)

"...her compositions are written in a traditional style, and fit well with the traditional tunes.  I particularly liked The Mossy Bower, which had a Scottish feel to it... Listening to Avalon did have a relaxing effect on me. I tested it by listening to it several times at work when I was feeling stressed. I found that I relaxed physically, and my thinking slowed own.  Stephanie Bennett's harp playing was impeccable, and the recording quality of the CD was excellent.  Avalon was very enjoyable to listen to, and would make an excellent  addition to the relaxation section of a CD collection."  - reviewed by Mary Ann Fricko, Folk Harp Journal, Winter 2002

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